Viuho, a year full of exits

Year 1.

2015 has been a year full of activity, Viuho has been present at the most important events in Catalonia with great acceptance by the public, companies and investors. Here is a summary of the milestones achieved during this year:


December 2015

Viuho went to Cape Canaveral to view the launch of the Spacex’s Falcon9. This rocket put in orbit the 11  satellites OG2 from our partner Orbcomm. Read more

December 2015

Viuho selected for ESADECREAPOLIS accelerator program among 155 startups. Read more

November 2015

New web site and social networks Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter.

November 2015

Viuho endorsed by public financial institutions ICF and ENISA.

 October 2015

Viuho selected as one of the 15 best creative startups of 2015 by  the Design Ideas Market, Barcelona Design Centre.

Septiembre 2015

Viuho is overfunded in its first investment round of equity crowdfunding.

July 2015

Viuho receives great feeback at the de Bizemprèn-BizBarcelona.

June 2015

Viuho selected as one of the 9 best startups of 2015 by Catalunya Emprèn Congress – XX ACCIÓ Investment Forum.

May 2015

We present our promotional video. View

viuho 2015

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